3 Viral Bathroom Storage Solutions from Yamazaki Home

If you’re an organizational enthusiast, you’ll have heard of Yamazaki Home by now. If you haven’t, it’s a brand that should certainly be on your radar. Defined by their sleek minimalist designs, these organizers are some of the most inconspicuous you can find, and when it comes to tidying small spaces like the bathroom, this homeware store is one of the best places you can turn.

Here at Livingetc, we’re long-standing fans of the Japanese decor style and minimalist way of life, so it comes as no surprise that Yamazaki Home’s space-saving storage solutions have earned our seal of approval. They’re all about promoting concealed storage that makes for a tidier space, and some popular products are having a real viral moment on social media right now, and for all the right reasons. If you’re wondering how to organize your bathroom, look no further than these three favorites.

A double bathroom

(Image credit: Ollie Hammick. Design: Amos Goldreich Architecture)

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