Globe Theater gets funding from City of Regina to complete renovations

Regina executive committee has found the cash to fund a $1.9 million request by the Globe Theater to complete their multi-million dollar renovation.

When the renovation of the building began in 2020, the Globe budgeted just over $30 million for the project.

The city originally contributed $6.6 million with the rest coming from other levels of government and private donors.

According to the Globe, inflation and other market impacts have created an increase in costs of 30 per cent and a funding shortfall of over $9 million.

“There are a lot of things we would have liked to have done with the building that we weren’t able to do because of the budget,” said project architect James Youck.

During 2024 city budget deliberations, the theater returned to council with the additional ask citing a 30 per cent increase in costs but it was tabled to the new year.

“We tabled it knowing we would probably be looking for the money within the existing budget,” said Major Sandra Masters.

City administration brought forward three possibilities for the funding.

Use some funds from another capital project, from the facilities asset management fund or from the residential road renewal program.

The executive committee ultimately decided on taking some funds from the catalyst pathway project that will connect Albert Street to Elphinstone Street.

Construction is set to begin this summer.

$950,000 has been moved from this year’s allocation in the budget and an additional $950,000 in the 2025 budget.

The move will delay completion of the pathway slightly to late 2025, rather than summer 2025.

“Capital projects are often multi-year projects,” Masters said.

However, some councillors were wary of making budget promises in advance after councillors Dan Leblanc and Andrew Stevens sued City Manager Niki Anderson for not including funding for a solution to the city’s homelessness crisis in the 2023 budget.

A election is also planned for November.

“It is not appropriate for us to pre-emptively bolt things into the budget,” said Ward 8 coun. Shannon Zachidniak.

“Maybe the next budget and the new council will have it, I’m not sure,” said Ward 7 coun. Terina Nelson. “I cannot make that decision and won’t make that decision for the next council.”

“It is difficult to imagine Regina without the [Regina Symphony Orchestra] or without the Globe,” said Ward 2 coun. Bob Hawkins. “It is a part of the fabric of the culture of this city.”

The motion passed 6 – 3 with count. Nelson, Zachidniak and Bresciani vote against.

Leblanc and Mohl were not present at Wednesday’s meeting.

The decision still requires council approval at the March 20 meeting.