New Year Home Improvements Made Easy

A new year means a new opportunity to start fresh or freshen-up your home! Many of us desire a bigger kitchen or updated bathroom. Or perhaps an outdoor living space that allows you to take advantage of the long summer Idaho nights and gorgeous sunsets. But for several reasons, many of us, decide tackling these projects are out of reach. The costs of remodeling a space can be hefty, let alone figuring out the timeline of an overhaul and the anxiety of not getting the design right. But you can breathe a little easier and take on these challenges with the support you need at the Idaho Remodeling and Design Show.

It’s a two day event filled with experts in almost every category of home design. The show allows future home project warriors the opportunity to gain expert insight on home and yard remodeling. And in some cases, find the right professional to assist or do a job for you.

From project bidding, to design input, to project management and more, you can stop the guessing game and find the professional guidance you need to make your home improvement project easy! Plus, you can attend the Idaho Remodeling and Design Show for free!

Idaho Today is giving away 10 pairs of tickets to the show! Go to or follow Idaho Today on Facebook and Instagram to enter to win! Winners will be announced Thursday, January 11th.